Upcoming Courses

All Courses will be held at:

Location: Christ Exalted Ministries. 90 Signet Dr. suite 22 Toronto (Finch Ave. and Highway 400)

Tuition: $75/person (spouses are free)
Please email bvaughan@hopefortoday.ca to register, tuition e-transfers, or inquiries.

A Study in Revelation Saturday February 06, 2021;  9:30am-3:00pm
*This class will be available by facebook invite for those who cannot make it due to health or weather. Dr. Vaughan will be the teacher for this course. Registration up to and including Feb. 1. All are welcome (that includes friends, family, and acquaintances). Notes and online resources included. 


Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible) Fridays Sep 25 & Oct 2, 2020; 7:00pm-9:30pm
(Two part course).

*This course counts as full credit toward your credentials.

Systematic TheologyTBA 

Systematic Theology looks at topics like "who is GOD?" and "who is man?" and "what is sin?" and so on. Then we see how all these topics fit together in a system. The Bible does not contradict itself and is not "full of mistakes" but rather, the Bible has a flow, a system if you will. This is what systematic Theology is about: showing how all the doctrines of the Bible fit together in a systematic way. 

Please email bvaughan@hopefortoday.ca to register (e-transfer and inquiries)

Ministerial Ethics - TBA. 9:30am-3:00pm 

Clergy members and other ministry leaders are often expected to not only make all of the right decisions, but also have all of the answers. They are faced with ethical determinations in their personal lives every day, as we all are humans. The decisions made in those ordinary moments can have long-term positive or negative consequences.

As a person charged with leading a church, a clergy member makes decisions at a level that can be far-reaching. More so than people in other professions. Ethical clergy can propel a congregation forward to do its best work. Unethical behavior, on the other hand, can have a ripple effect and seriously erode the fabric of an entire congregation.

The code of behavior for ministry leaders should be grounded in Biblical truth. As clergy members are tested every day with situations that may challenge their own ethics and values, they must draw from this code of behavior. They must be ready to face life’s everyday predicaments, grounded in the mission given to them by their congregation and the community they serve.

What are the top challenges that today’s clergy and church leadership face, and how they can navigate these ethical conundrums. Some of these issues include technology, sexualized behavior and misconduct, addiction, behavior with children and youth, narcissism, plagiarism, and more. Join Rev.Dr. John McDonald as he teaches this most important class. 

Biblical Spiritual WarfareTBA. 9am-3:00pm 

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