Rev. Dr. Raymond Cradock Ph.D D.Min

Ray was born in London, England and became a Christian at 16 years of age. He was called to Ministry at the age of 17.
He has served the Lord as pastor, evangelist and missions’ worker for more than 51 years and has pastored churches in England, America and Canada as well as planting two churches. Other than his place of birth, his ministry travels have taken him to various parts of Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Canada, Jamaica, Australia, Korea, Iceland, Russia, Israel and Africa.

Ray also has a background in business and social work having been trained in Family and Child Protective Social Work. For some 25 years Ray has been very involved in Christian Media having co-founded and assisted in the beginnings of several Christian television channels including the Miracle Channel Norway, Liberty TV, Cultural Television, M7TV, Christian Broadcasting Communications, SAT7 and GOD TV as well as co-founding a Christian internet radio station called Worship Radio 247 and a weekly TV program called Worship TV. For the past 24 years Ray has been a member of the National Religious Broadcasters Association of America (NRB) and has been an active member of their TV Committee for the past 15 years.

Ray was part of the team that started Europe and the UK’s first Christian television channel. Later, he and his business partner, working covertly, were responsible for opening the entire Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) for the Gospel via satellite television which
paved the way for continued mass penetration of the Gospel message in that region and other parts of the world.

Ray owns a small media business which helps ministries get on TV anywhere in the world. He mentors pastors and is in the process of starting a new TV Channel which should launch in 2020 as well as assisting Pastor David Ramiah at
Christ Exalted Ministries.
In the latter part of 2019 Ray was invited to be a member of the Executive Board of CCMF who he is also ordained with. 

Ray and his wife Paula live in Toronto. Paula is also a trained social worker and Licensed Minister with CCMF. Someone once said, “Yesterday is a beautiful reflection, today is a new beginning and tomorrow has limitless possibilities” - That’s how I s
ee it.'