What We Do

CCMF is here to help those who wish to plant a church. We can help with ideas, setting up charitable status, registering your church, helping you to understand the laws of Ontario in regards to setting up and running a church, etc.


CCMF is also here to provide fellowship and networking at our semi-annual conferences as well as other opportunities throughout the year.


CCMF is here to help with accountability both personally and corporately.


CCMF is here to encourage and pray for you and the work that GOD has called you to.


CCMF is here to help you keep in step with your educational needs through our conferences as well as through affordable Bible classes that we offer.

We also assist ordination and conferring credentials at four levels:

      1. Spiritual Care Worker

      2. Licensed Minister

      3. Ordained Minister

      4. Minister Emeritus

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